You Are Welcome

Hello friends. Sorry for the uh three-month hiatus. I started watching LOST and well, you know. Anyhow, it’s just about summer in Washington and I think the consensus is that everyone here is happy about it. Today was a particularly beautiful late May afternoon for a movie at the always charming E Street Cinema downtown. I chose Nicole Holofcener’s new film Please Give. I suppose the best way for me to describe this little gem is to say I felt the same way watching it as I do eating a Vosges chocolate or drinking chicory coffee (so, like this then)—namely, really good, before, during and after. Set in the lovely autumn in New York, it stars Catherine Keener, who only seems to get better with age, and Oliver Platt, who is awesome all the time, no matter what. The story sort of revolves around all the things in Manhattan that I love: antiques, furniture, old people and real estate. Old people have it and the young people want it. It’s a nice little study on guilt too, in an unconventional (meaning non-religious) way. I just loved it. You should see it. Sometimes women just know what to do with the available ingredients, it’s inexplicably inherent, I think. Well, Ms. Holefcener knows, at least; she’s made quite a lovely stew here with this one.

On a related note, I’ve been inspired to buy really expensive jeans just because. Perhaps we all just need really expensive jeans sometimes.


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